• I'm accepting new clients for script + budget consultations! Are you pitching your script to investors? Are you wondering exactly how much your script will cost to shoot? I'll create a full production budget personalized to your script so that you can attract investors with your fully executed pitch.

    We'll work together to trouble shoot areas of your script that effect budget so that you'll walk away with the lowest production budget needed to capture your creative.

    You'll walk away with an industry standard EP Movie Magic budget document that includes pre production, principle photography and post production with rates, fringes, guild fees, equipment, locations and the like. I can design a high and low budget cost comparison that shows what is executable within different levels of funding. Most importantly, you'll walk away with an in depth understanding of what your script costs to produce so that you can make the best creative choices while negotiating your fundraising process.

    After 12 years of hands on Line Producing for Netflix, Hulu, Fox and NBCU, I'm adept at isolating the lowest cost option available to execute a creative idea. I can offer an encyclopedic knowledge of the costs associated with everything from renting a city bus to shooting a fire stunt. I'm aware of all industry union and guild rates so that your creative team, cast and crew rates will be added up correctly whether you shoot with them in LA, Vancouver, Atlanta or wherever else we find the best state tax credit that serves your story!

    Special pricing offered depending on the stage of your project.

    Email me today! ctreibel@gmail.com